Monday, 5 November 2018

12 Side Hustles That Pay Really Well 😁😁 | Black Wealth Building

Welcome to my channel! I have a story to tell. I unapologetically live out loud. Healing and self repair is why I do it. It's powerful. I try to stay open minded and non judgmental. I hope that that rubs off on people. No matter how many people disagree remember you'll be judged just like I am, but that's what comes with the territory. Your life, your experience, your story is your biggest asset. People will get jealous, think you are crazy, criticize you. SO WHAT! Those people don't have control over your life just theirs and trust me they have SECRETS that PROVE they are doing much worse than you!!! Our stories are deep, raw and real. Thinking back through your life at the ways you have survived and thrived will remind you of what a strong person you really are. EXPRESS YOURSELF. The story you know or live ISN'T the only story there is. Come here to listen to MY STORY.

I also give relationship advice and discuss topics that interest me.

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