Sunday, 6 May 2018

Taxstone Explains Why He Kicked Joe Budden Off His Podcast Show

- Say hello to the bad guy.

Tax Season funnyman Taxstone wasn't in the best of spirits in late October when he was joined by Joe Budden on his podcast. The Slaughterhouse lyricist wouldn't answer any of Tax's questions, which resulted in him having to escort himself out as an infuriated Tax yelled a slew of obscenities at him. "I asked him a series of questions and he said 'No,' but I just [saw] him on another interview and he said 'Yes,' so I was confused," Tax recalled. "So I asked him the question in three different ways, and the third time he answered it differently. You know that's how the police catch you in lies, so that's when it got heated."

The two followed each other on Twitter prior to the incident as they are both big personalities on the social networking platform. So when Tax personally asked him to be on his show, neither of them deemed it to be a problem despite comments form mutual friends. Throughout the show Budden remained fairly uninterested and threw subtle jabs at the formerly incarcerated podcast host, to which he responded by telling Joe "I don't know if you know who you be talking to." "And that's exactly what I was telling him in the interview like, 'Yo, I'm not these girls that you be dealing with from these third world countries that don't [have] that much education'..You cannot do that with everybody." Tax also added that the jail jokes were unwarranted since Budden is no stranger to the system himself. "A dope fiend that gets locked up every week and you beat b***hes up," Tax stated. "Don't act like you don't know what jail is."

After Tax stated he wants to "see him in person," DJ Vlad offered Joe Budden to come onto VladTV to discuss his issues with others, but according to Tax, "He's not even gonna come up here and talk. He's not gonna answer any questions. He's just gonna nod off like a dope fiend does."

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