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Tax Deduction at Source in Gst | TDS in GST | Section 51 of GST act|

Tax Deduction at Source / TDS under Section 51 of GST (CGST)

जीएसटी में टीडीएस की धारा 51 के बारे में जाने |

Queries Solved==

Who is liable to deduct TDS in GST ?

Tax to be deducted by Specified Entities, Government Department or establishment, Government agencies, Local Authorities and any other person notified by Government on recommendation of GST Council.

What is rate of TDS in GST ?

TDS rate in GST is 1% on receipt of supply of goods and service or both, exceeding Rs 250000

Which return to be filled for TDS in GST ?

GSTR 7 return to be filled by 10th of next month

What is the last date to file TDS return in GST ?

TDS in GST to be deposited by 10th of next month

What is the last date to issue TDS certificate by deductor?

Tax Deducted at source/ TDS certificate to be issued by deductor to deductee within 5 days from date of deposit of TDS

Can TDS refund be claimed by Deductor?

Yes, Deductor can rectify and take refund of TDS if any mistake, but before taking credit by deductee in Electronic Cash Ledger



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Tax deducted in GST

TDS rate in GST

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Tax Deducted at Source in GST

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