Thursday, 17 May 2018

Invest In YOURSELF! #1 Secret To STOP THE LOOP Of Desperate, Compensating & Crazy Behaviour

Tyler of reveals self help secrets to stop feeling desperate, pathetic, needy, crazy and compensating around other people.

Whether it's your girlfriend, an ex girlfriend, a girl you're dating, friends, business associates, or whoever else, you need to INVEST IN YOURSELF.

Part of self development and spiritual growth require you to stop hanging onto attachments. When you double down on yourself, your personal development allows you to create a reverse social dynamic where people chase YOU and feel crazy for YOU.

To learn how to pick up girls in general, you must not only learn pick up lines and the game - you must learn to continually build your inner game and master social skills / social dynamics.

These relationship dynamics increase your emotional intelligence and social intelligence and allow you to evolve further into higher level paradigms.

Thanks to the Hodge Twins for the funny clip. The original video is entitled "The Bitch Is you want to know how you can learn from Tyler no matter where you are?

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