Tuesday, 27 March 2018

$$ Millionaire Mindset $$ Subliminal Messages Meditation- Program Your Subconscious To Attract Money

Download this subliminal session here - to the “Millionaire Mindset - Attract Money” subliminal messages meditation. This session contains subliminal positive affirmations regarding money and abundance, which will help you to develop a millionaire mindset that true winners hold.

These subliminal messages will help you carry subconscious positive thought patterns regarding money, wealth and success. When you listen on a daily basis, little by little, you will eliminate your old beliefs that sabotage your efforts to attract money. Because this meditation contains only subliminal messages (without Brainwave Entrainment), you can listen to it all day long on a loop. Headphones are not required, but are recommended to maximize results (during the day you can listen without headphones.)

** DO NOT listen before driving/while driving/during or before any activity that involves attention and focus.

** This session is not a replacement for any treatment.

The subliminal affirmations in this video:

Energy of money is surrounding my being | I hold a mindset of abundance and success | I feel appreciation and respect towards money | Money is a tool that serves me greatly whenever I need and want | I allow money to flow easily into my life at all times | I open the energetic channels for money and abundance to come in | Money enables me complete freedom and independence | Money enables me to give to and help others | I vibrate the frequencies of abundance, prosperity and wealth | I guide my subconscious mind to magnetize money and success | I deserve to live a rich lifestyle and enjoy the good life | It's my natural right to have lots of money, means and resources | My subconscious thoughts regarding money are full of positivity and appreciation | My positive thoughts about money lead me to attract it more and more | I feel gratitude towards the money and success I already have now