Tuesday, 27 March 2018

How I Fill in a UK Tax Return for the 2014/15 Tax Year... being Self Employed [33]

NEW for 2018! Please help support this channel on Patreon: NOTE: This is an old video and may use figures and terminology which are no longer applicable to current tax years. If in doubt SPEAK TO AN ACCOUNTANT and refer to the latest information on the HMRC web site: this video I'm filling in an actual UK self assessment tax return (online) for the 2014/15 tax year, deadline 31 Jan 2016. To keep things simple I'm ONLY filling in Self Employment income and nothing else. All figures are fictitious just to show you how the system worked back then. Obviously HMRC might change how things work for future tax years and as usual I highly recommend you USE AN ACCOUNTANT! They will almost certainly save you what they've cost you. Also make use of the HMRC tax helpline if you can get through.

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