Saturday, 24 March 2018

Affirmations For Money, ★ Make Money & Become Super Wealthy ★, Millionaire Mindset. 12Hours

Affirmations For Money, ★ Make Money & Become Super Wealthy ★, Millionaire Mindset. 12Hours

This powerful day and night meditation for money wealth and abundance, uses advanced high definition binaural beats combined with 3D and subliminal affirmations to help you attract money, wealth and abundance into your life. Ultimately this video will change your sub conscious thoughts about money and being wealthy, this in turn will change your feelings which subsequently will cause you to attract good financial situations into your life. This video can be used during the day or at night whilst you sleep.

★How To Use Most Successfully★

- Listen to this video with or without headphones

- Listen to this video during the day or as you sleep

- Repeat the affirmations out loud for as long as possible

- Visualise yourself being rich and wealthy

- Feel how you will feel when you have all the wealth you could ever want.

- Repeat these affirmations whenever possible

- Try to leave the video on as background noise as often as possible

★Video Description★:

To describe why this video works we revert back to the law of attraction, which is a fundamental law of the universe it isn’t hocus pocus, it is fact. With that said it is not physically possible to feel rich and be poor. Like attracts like so after a small period of time the universe will move to match your situations and surroundings to the feelings you have. So if you feel rich and wealthy it is inevitable that you will BE rich and wealthy. It is hard to feel like this on your own, this is why we have made this video, the affirmations you hear do sink into your conscious and subconscious mind. Every feeling you have stems from a thought in your head, the affirmations give you new thoughts which match the life you want. So ultimately this video makes you think rich and wealthy thoughts, which gives you rich and wealthy feelings, which attract a rich and wealthy life. The affirmations also help you see the positive financial opportunities you may have and overall improve you attitude and feelings about money.

★Main Features★:

- Money, Wealth and Abundance Affirmations:

We use powerful 3D and HD Money, wealth & abundance affirmations in this video, all affirmations are in the present tense as they are supposed to be, the main aim and principle behind affirmations is that if you say something enough or hear something enough eventually you start to believe it. So by listening to affirmations that encourage good thoughts about money and wealth you are subsequently re-programming your subconscious mind to think positively and give you good feelings about money.

- Subliminal Money & Wealth Affirmations:

The subliminal Money and Wealth affirmations play behind the main affirmations, they are at a level where it is difficult for the conscious mind to absorb what is being said as the conscious mind is focussed on the normal affirmations. This allows these Money and Wealth affirmations to almost sneak straight in to you sub conscious and have a direct impact on your own attitude towards money and wealth and subsequently improve your state of mind and feelings.

- Binaural Beats:

The binaural beats are specifically known for relaxing and calming the mind. We use these to quiet your mind as you relax ensuring your mind is clear enough to accept the money and wealth affirmations thus changing your thought process. This works because your conscious mind isn’t there to analyse and be negative and hinder the affirmations.

- Soothing Music:

As always we have some soothing music in the background, simply to improve listening pleasure. These also distract from the slightly tedious sounds of the binaural beats.

- Nature Sounds:

We have also included some soothing rain and nature sounds in this video. These are proven to help with relaxation, so these are included to help induce the perfect relaxed states of mind for absorbing the affirmations.

- HD Images:

To help you visualise yourself as rich and wealthy person, we have included a soothing picture we feel represents being wealthy as a back drop. Remember saying and listening to the affirmations will help, but visualising yourself already being rich and wealthy is the most powerful way to attract the life that you want.


The Temple Gardens by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.