Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Secrets to Wealth - Law Of Attraction Money

Visit for more information and free resources. Secrets to Wealth and Law of attraction is a full one hour seminar describing the main elements of sustainable wealth creation. In this series Vitaly Geyman the host of the show presents the secrets that many wealthy people know and implement to achieve true prosperity. Although the current economic climate has changed some of the wealth building strategies the majority of these still remain true. Vitaly coaches people in how to create a more prosperous life for themselves in a way that in balance with their lifestyle and values. A holistic approach to wealth building that takes into account the uniqueness of each individual, the impact on society and environment.

The Law Of Attraction Money component is depicted in the model of Right Mindset, Right Strategy and Right Action. Mindset includes a clear intention and visualization, Strategy of choosing the right business and investment vehicles. Finally "action" is a critical part of Law Of Attraction as you still need to actually do something for manifestation to happen.

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