Tuesday, 12 December 2017

10 Secrets of the New Rich - Kevin Donaldson - Financial Advice from Entrepreneur Millionaires

Get the book: came here wanting to learn the 10 Secrets of the New Rich and our goal is to deliver those habits and mindsets to you in a super engaging format. This book was an amazing book on financial freedom written by Kevin Donaldson and Onepercentbetter and I both recommend reading the whole thing!

OnePercentBetter: tips are highly recommended to be utilized online and through the Internet since there is a substantial amount of potential leads. One of my favorite ideas from this book is that Kevin suggests not keeping much in a long-term savings account, since the rate of inflation is usually higher than the savings interest, which means you'll be losing value. I recommend reading this book along with Rich Dad Poor Dad and The 4-Hour Work Week to expand your knowledge of financial independence and to increase your overall earning potential. Learning how to get rich can be easier with each book as you learn about more creative ideas and expand your knowledge on the topic of earning money. Every entrepreneur (or anyone wanting to be a millionaire) should strive to better themselves, especially in the financial department to maximize their lives. I hope you enjoyed this book summary and learned something from the video!

OnePercentBetter does a great job at reviewing book on many topics and animating them in an easily-digestible format. Brandon has tons of animated book reviews on self-development books on love, finances, happiness, and productivity.

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